Google’s New 2015 Logo Redesign

///Google’s New 2015 Logo Redesign

Google's New 2015 Logo Redesign

Have You Noticed Google’s Logo Redesign?

So today I’m browsing Google (as I do every day because Googling things is part of the job as a web designer/ internet marketer) and I notice a peculiar “Google Doodle”. Normally Google posts a “doodle” for special occasions so I hover over it to find out what it’s about and lo and behold it’s a new logo redesign!

Google decided to go with a sans-serif font as opposed to their normal serif font. Aside from being incredibly annoying for a website designer, all of the Google+ social media icons that I placed on people’s websites that now need to be changed, this redesign was a long time coming.

alphabet logo google

The reason for the change is because Google now has a parent company named “Alphabet” which also uses a sans-serif logo. Google has gotten it’s hand in a lot of different sectors of the technology world lately and now they have restructured their business to have “Alphabet” essentially as the umbrella holding it all together. You can find out more about the merger as well as Alphabet in the video below.

What I As A Designer Thought The Redesign Was About

Now me personally when I saw the Google Doodle and their new logo redesign, I said in my head, “it’s about time they use a sans-serif font!” I sincerely felt that this redesign should have been done years ago and I’ll tell you why.

First I have to explain what a serif and a sans-serif font is. A serif is essentially a feature of a letter structure which is normally towards the outer limbs of the letter itself. Serifs are pointy in nature as you can see by the picture below.

Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Serifs were created at the advent of the printed word. The serifs themselves are said to help guide your eyes along the page from letter to letter as the points of the letters themselves seem to almost blend the letters and words together.

Serif fonts are great for companies that want to show a bit of class, tradition, nostalgia, etc and definitely still have their place in the world. However, for the internet which is mostly based on pixels (tiny squares) serifs don’t show up all too well and often times look pixelated. Therefore, sans-serif fonts are normally the go-to when it comes to web based fonts.

In all honesty, I thought Google was rocking the serif font to show that they are the OG’s of the internet world and in many ways they were. However, with this new logo redesign they are showing that they are the hip technology moguls that we know them to be. In other words, Google can’t lose in terms of their font choice. They’re either the original gangsters of the search world or the hip up and coming tech guru’s that keep the web running behind the scenes.

Does Your Company Need A Logo Redesign?

And of course, if we’re talking about logos we’d be foolish not to mention our expertise in logo design. If you have a company with an outdated logo or if you just want to freshen things up a bit with a professional logo design than don’t hesitate to contact us!

We know what we’re doing when it comes to logo design, down to the tiny aspects such as color choice, font choice, etc so you know you’re in good hands with us.

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