vector rifles pack

Vector Rifles?

We at Climb New Heights fully support the second amendment. That being said we are now offering a pack of vector rifles for sale on!

These vector rifles are beautiful crafted with incredible attention to detail. We tried our best to maintain structural integrity of the rifles as well as portray the true likeness of each rifle.

What Rifles/ Long Guns Are Included?

  • Vector M4
  • Vector M16
  • Vector AK47
  • Vector AK47 Underfolder
  • Vector Mossberg Shotgun
  • Vector Remington Shotgun
  • Vector P90
  • Vector Tavor
  • Vector SCAR Heavy

As you can see from the lineup, we choose some of the most prolific and legendary rifles/ long guns of the modern era. All of these guns are legendary in their own right and are known the world over.

The Link

If you are interested in checking out our vector rifles pack, please visit our >>Popular Long Guns<< listing on